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Today excellent quality is a product or service’s price of market entry – nothing else will do. But 21st century’s customers – more demanding and less loyal that the last century’s customers – value their interactions with a company or a brand as much as the products or services that they buy.

What are their interactions?  What exactly is the relationship and contact that can make the difference between brand loyalty and brand desertion?  It’s the consumer’s Brand Experience, the sum of all the contact points between the client and the brand.  In a market that becomes more and more competitive every day, where products and services tend to become more similar, brands’ competitive advantage will be in a superior, differentiated experience.

In this business environment, therefore, companies must ensure the quality and consistency of every contact point, every interaction between the brand and its customers and prospects, because the Total Experience is the sum of all these interactions.

Our company is called “Quality Time”, because today’s brands must give “quality time” to their customers to gain differentiation in the market.  We have to guarantee that the little time that we spend with our clients must be highly relevant, extremely impactful and highly efficient in the creation of satisfaction and loyalty.

En Quality Time (QT) we help companies understand their customers current experience with the brand, and we help define how to improve this brand experience and implement solutions to improve loyalty and increase business.  We have developed our own tools and methodology for the whole process of diagnosis and creation of solutions.

Contact us and we will be very happy to share our capabilities and experiences.



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